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Alcoholism, Addiction and Sex Tourism: “Desperately Seeking Sex and Sobriety” by Paul Pisces


A Cautionary Tale of Sex Tourism, Drugs, Alcohol, Prostitution & Suicide

Warning Story Contains: DARK HUMOUR & ADULT CONTENT

The purpose of this book is to help you understand alcoholism and hopefully to cut down (& stop) your own drinking.

Reader Comment:
“This book is a dark, painful, vulgar true to life story of simply being human. It’s written with flair, honesty and without doubt love, and is the kind of book that could readily be misunderstood. The degree to which you reject the storyteller and his tale will tellingly reveal how you judge yourself.
Paul Pisces writes with charm, wit and style about the parts of me I’d rather disown. By his owning those parts in him, I too am given another chance.
They say honesty is the best policy. This book is vulgar, shocking, painful. The price of honesty. It’s also very funny. How could it not be?”